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Who’s Hotter? Wonder Woman vs Power Girl

Who's Hotter? Wonder Woman vs Power Girl

Who's Hotter? Wonder Woman vs Power Girl

Wonder Woman and Power Girl are two of my favorite DC babes of all time. Diana, aka Wonder Woman, is the Amazon embassador to the world of men created from clay and blessed with super strength, durability and magical armaments (as well as a killer body). Power Girl’s origin is rather complicated and differs depending on what era you are referring to (the modern Power Girl is a survivor of Krypton from an alternate universe). Needless to say all variations of Power Girl feature her with powers akin to Superman and, of course, giant tits – arguably the biggest in the DC Universe.

Both have incredibly toned bodies and are busty as hell – The pinnacles of strong female comic book characters (because that criteria can only be filled by characters that are both independent and easy on the eyes). The real question is though, which one would you rather bone?

Wonder Woman with an amazing ass

Wonder Woman

Power Girl dripping wet

Power Girl

Who's hotter? Wonder Woman vs Power Girl

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Wonder Woman by Ryan Kinnaird
Power Girl by Miravi

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    One Response to “Who’s Hotter? Wonder Woman vs Power Girl”

    • ddland45:

      I have to admit that even though I voted for Power Girl, I’ve always wanted to see Wonder Woman get manhandled by some supremely powerful conqueror and get competely defeated an then ravaged until she begged for mercy. That would be a sight! I’m just a breast man by nature!

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