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Wonder Woman and Phantom Lady by X-Estacado

Wonder Woman and Phantom Lady in bondage by X-Estacado

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I’ll freely admit that I am a sucker for “mock” comic book covers, especially when they are expertly crafted like this one by X-Estacado. As someone who has done mock covers before I know that they aren’t terribly hard to put together, thanks to the help of Photoshop, but I still can’t help myself from saying “Oh cool” every time I see one. I really like the weathered look that X-Estacado did to this issue, it’s a nice little touch that goes a long way.

Aside from the awesome art, I’m thrilled to see someone do a picture of Phantom Lady. I think she is one of the most underused comic book characters in hentai. Sure Wonder Woman and Power Girl are really hot and iconic but there’s so much you can do with Phantom Lady’s classic and modern costumes. You can make the modern one a bit see-through, the classic one can easily accommodate a nip-slip, do I need to go on? All I’m saying is the world needs more Phantom Lady hentai! Thanks to X-Estacado for giving her a chance, maybe this will be the beginning of a new trend.

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