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Wonder Woman bound and gagged by Reiq for Jiggly Girls

Wonder Woman bound and gagged by Reiq for Jiggly Girls

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Does anyone know what the mythological creature this is that’s busting a nut in Wonder Woman? I was gonna say “minotaur” but the head doesn’t look like a bull, it looks like a horse. So if it has a horse head and a human body it’s pretty much the exact opposite of a centaur. Jesus, why am I so hung up on this? I shouldn’t care and just rub one out to this amazing piece by Reiq, for his hentai site JigglyGirls.com, but instead I am fixated. Someone help a brother out here, if it’s just a made-up creature by Reiq that’s fine but if it does in fact have a real name I would like to know. I did a search on Google for “What mythical creature has the head of a horse and body of a man?” and the answer was “Not a centaur”. Lol, thanks Google.

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    6 Responses to “Wonder Woman bound and gagged by Reiq for Jiggly Girls”

    • Swordfish935:

      yeah it’s called a tikbalang. a filipino myth. lives in the forests, leads travellers in the wrong direction disguised as a human, average fairy tale stuff

    • Geist01:

      @Swordfish935 – Ahhh cool, thanks!

    • dennis gomes:

      that my dear friend is a “Tikbalang”, a creature in Philippine myths. It appeared in Whilce Portacio’s comicbook Stone. Hope this helps you.

    • Cyborger:

      This gave me a huge insta-boner. What I wouldn’t give to have this animated. *sigh*

    • Heretek:

      I would say that the creature is an anthro Dark Horse….if it wasn’t for the fact that Wonder Woman’s from DC..

    • brad:

      Pretty sure that’s her sidekick. Creepy horse with super powers and telepothy. Who has been watching her since birth.

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