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Wonder Woman tied up and fucked by Dr. Psycho

Wonder Woman tied up and fucked by Dr Psycho - Art by Heroine Addict

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I’ve been catching up on the first issues of DC’s New 52 lately (I was waiting for the inevitable $.99 sale on ComiXology – the comic app I use fro the iPhone and iPad) and I have to say, I really have no idea what’s going on. They billed it as a good jumping on point for new readers, and I thought it was a universal reboot, but how come some characters – like Batgirl for instance – can remember their previous lives? Christ, what a cluster fuck. The comics I do like so far are Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Batwoman, Justice League Dark, and Wonder Woman.

I have to say that I really like Wonder Woman’s new costume. A huge improvement over the last one they tried to shove down our throats. You know, the one with the pants (and very obviously a potential movie tie-in because no one seems to be able to make a Wonder Woman film – one of the chief complaints is that the actress, or stunt woman, can’t wear protective pads with Wonder Woman’s “traditional” costume thus limiting the action…or so they say). The new costume is sexy but interesting to look at; has the traditional feel to it but is still decidedly modern.

I haven’t seen too many hentai artists draw Wonder Woman in her New 52 outfit yet so it looks like Heroine Addict is one of the first. Here we see the Amazonian princess tied up with her own magic lasso as Dr. Psycho gives her the business. Since the lasso makes you tell the truth does that mean she always wanted this to happen? Here’s what Heroine Addict had to say about this pic –

Wonder Woman’s enchanted lasso negates all falsehoods, including the deceptions of Dr. Psycho’s mind control. The horrifying truth swells within her as she realizes she’s wanted this.

There you go, straight from the horse’s mouth. I hope you enjoy it as much as much as Wonder Woman does!

Click here to see more hentai by Heroine Addict at Hentai Foundry

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