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I have always loved Satoshi Urushihara (I used to watch my Plastic Little VHS so much the tape broke) but I don’t post his artwork because I assume everyone here has seen most of it. This is kind of retarded on my part because it’s sort of like an art history book not showing the Mona Lisa because everyone has seen it before – Ok, my blog isn’t quite that important in the great scheme of things but you get my drift.

While surfing some of the hentai boards I came across this pics of Yoko, from the anime Gurren Lagann, that Satoshi Urushihara did for the “Nostalgic Heroines” series and I was completely blown away – It was kind of like re-falling in love. The detail and craftsmanship that Satoshi Urushihara is known for never ceases to amaze me and I remember why I was so enamored with Plastic Little as a teen. Seriously, he draws the most perfectly shaped tits ever. There you go, I made a Satoshi Urushihara post – Now my blog is just like all the others out there but fuck it, if you can’t talk about one of the true masters of hentai what’s the point?

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